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   What people are saying about DA Document Manager



"I am delighted with the desktop edition. The features are excellent and it is very intuitive and easy to use."
Brendon C.

"I recently purchased the WHS version of Document Manager.  I must say what a fantastic piece of software it is, thank you very much and well done on a great job."
Adam G.

"I have used other products like PaperPort, Pagis Pro and NeatReceipts in the past, I *really* love the server-centric operation of DA Document Manager.
Brandon H.

sed this product since the early days – I love the new interface...Nicely done!!!!"
Scott A.

"...after the flood, we needed our insurance papers, photos of our home, its contents and a number of other crucial documents that we previously archived in DA Document Manager. While neighbors were struggling to piece together the important items needed, we were able to produce everything with ease! What a stress saver DA Document Manager has been for us!"
Home User

"...I love the product - Great Job"
Keith B.

"BTW, great product.  I am using the trial version and will be purchasing it by the end of the month."
Mark W.

"Our company has been paperless since 2001.  We tried the software that came with our scanner and other top software products.  We found DA Document Manager and it is so much more intuitive."
IT Consulting Firm

"DA Document Manager has made storing and recalling documents so fast and easy. The space the software has freed up by going paperless is amazing."
Non-Profit Organization

"My husband and I have been paperless for many years and now use DA Document Manager, it has saved us so much time and space. We've looked at many other applications and nothing even comes close.
Sharon M.

"We save dozens of medical results a week in DA Document Manager. The time we save to store and search for saved records is fantastic. The money we save from having to store all these documents is huge, we really love DA Document Manager."
Pamela S.


   Current Users...

Partial Listing of industries currently using DA Document Manager

  • Law Offices
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Medical Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Travel Agents
  • Various Consulting Firms
  • Recording Studios
  • IT Consulting
  • Retail Stores

Partial Listing of what individuals are currently archiving with the DA Document Manager

  • Financial Records
  • Medical Records
  • Genealogy
  • School Papers
  • Operational Manuals
  • Warranties
  • Contracts

Users are archiving everything from Financial Records, Medical Records to Operational Manuals, Warranties and Contracts.


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