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      What exactly will DA Document Manager do for me?


DA Document Manager is the Premier Digital Document Management System and it is the simplest paperless office solution available today.


PERSONAL, HOME and SOHO Records Management with Digital ArcHound allows you to easily digitize and save all of your important records.


PROTECT yourself from disaster by having digital copies of your identification cards, credit cards, insurance and health records and more.


DA Document Manager works with your existing scanner. If your scanner does not support PDF files use ArcHound’s "free" PDF Printer to quickly organize and store your digital documents.


DA Document Manager boasts a Google style search results.  Powerful document management is measured by its ability to recall records and we believe that our robust search engine is the best available.


DA Document Manager saves you valuable time.  Instead of thumbing through your important paperwork, hoping to find that old document, you can retrieve it in seconds.  Your time is valuable.


DA Document Manager helps you format every document so that the rotation, page order and password protection are exactly what you want. Plus easily add, remove or rearrange pages in existing documents.





  • Network multi user and stand alone versions
  • Comprehensive form for filing archives
  • User defined Categories, Subcategories and Tags
  • Auto fill allows 2 clicking form filling
  • Robust Search Engine for fast recall
  • Combine, Split and Email new or existing archives
  • Drag and drop Documents into existing archives
  • Relocate, Backup and Restore Archives
  • Archive Database Status
  • USB Flash Drives Supported
  • Scanner control from within DA Document Manager
  • Currently English and soon French & German Versions


How do I add my documents?  DA Document Manager allows you to easily add them in five ways: Use your Scanner, Drag-and-Drop, use our automatic new PDF detection, our Import tools or use our PDF printer to convert any document to a PDF.  Once a document is in the DA Document Manager it is fast and easy to combine, reorder, rotate and even email with just a button click.

You can even capture snap-shots of your Word, Excel or other documents to preserve their content at a specific point in time using our free PDF printer.  Drag photos of your property and contents and store them for insurance purposes.  In fact, you can quickly back up your documents and database to a USB drive and take it with you in case a natural disaster looms.  Yes, it is that easy!

Best of all, once a PDF document is stored which can be done with a click using the "Auto Fill Form" feature, Searching to recall a document is a breeze. DA Document Manager provides individual document password protection for those confidential records.

Why is DA Document Manager the independent Law Office's best kept secret?  Its ability to quickly archive case documents by name and number for quick recall, and its ability to add notes, custom flags, date on document, date processed, date archived/scanned, et al, outperform some system costing tens of thousands.  Great for both lawyers and paralegals.


  Digital Archiving Designed for Everyone

From one of the original software architects of the award-winning Backup Exec™ for Windows® software comes a new innovative document archiving and retrieval software application called "DA Document Manager."

This well thought out, easy to use software combines the ideas of businesses and individuals that have been paperless for years and allows you to quickly store digital copies of all of your documents so that you can not only get rid of the bulky papers, copies of bills, old tax records, receipts, etc, but quickly access them digitally using your optional Windows Home Server and the DA Document Manager search engine.

The Digital ArcHound Team

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